Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Following on from Parham last year I am doing this event at Petworth House, so some serious shopping is called for!
Any lovely quilts out there??

Monday, 2 February 2009

Ahead of the storm

Saturday Lizzy and myself drove up to London in my old Freida to stay the night with our lovely friend Sandra.
We were up at 4.45 am and after a quick cup of tea and a chat with Monty the cat we slipped out into the cold and drove up to Battersea Arts Center on Lavender Hill where we do Anita's Vintage Fashion Fair. We try to be early enough to get right outside the door where we can park all day even though it entails a nearly 2 hour wait sometimes before we get in the building.
Its fascinating how bit by bit the whole place comes to life in the early light as dealers arrive greet each other and unload dress rails and boxes out of a variety of transport.
It struck me how hardy we all are !!!It was like Siberia! I am a good northern lass and it took my breath away. Lizzy was wearing two coats...we are not short of warm stock!!
The door was 50% down but those that came were enthusiastic and serious, all in all considering we felt it was worthwhile.
As we packed up the snow was starting to fall and we left to make our best shot at getting out of town ahead of the storm, am I glad we did!!! Sandra sent the picture of her garden in New Malden above , both my children are unable to get to work and tonight I understand the M25 is closed! last night was about the fastest I have ever been able to go on the M25 so little traffic ,usually we are in slow moving traffic or at a stand still on that stretch from a3 to m3.
Good old Freida my huge18 year old Volvo estate sailed home in fine style...I love that car
It was a pretty sight this morning in Old Dorchester and sunny with flurries.
As dark falls it is getting heavier and bigger flakes.