Wednesday, 12 August 2009

practice will hopefully make perfect !

Come on girls ! I want pictures of your sheds, studio,s or workspace

Honiton snapshots

This is really part 2 but because I have not got my head on straight it is a...aboutface

Here we have two elegant ladies who have entered into the spirit of things Liz Fox is a lady of talent with years of experience.
Lizzie's " bags as in Lizzie Drake not Lizzie VanLinda's feedsack fabrics ( me )
Not allowed to say whose boobs they are but the button necklace is one of Fiona's selection
I bought this little gem from Mark, he always has the most amazing stall of treasures. This was so well done I love the French knots as blossom and the ducks are soooo cute !

Textile fun at Honiton again!

We had a really busy day at Honiton with lots of enthusiastic regulars and some welcome new faces
It is a really friendly group we always have a lovely day together , lots of chat and a good bit of serious dealing. I love the way people are ready to help each other.

Ticking bundles a la franglais £10 each
to die for knitted flowers from Caroline's stall, how do they do it ! I am trying but mine are much bigger
Detty always has the most exotic selection you are sure to find something
I fell in love with these on Sheila's stall Lorrain Tuck's work. She is talking of going back to art maybe she should. Can't wait to hear all about their French house

Monday, 10 August 2009

Another piece of History

There is something very poignant about this flyer dated 1919 where the Artillery boys from Biscot camp near Luton were helping raise money for the Soldiers in the Trenches Christmas lunch.
on the reverse is the programme and the cast but even more fascinating are the advertisements saying shop early to send your boys their presents and that in the Trenches it cannot be emphasized enough how important it is with the conditions as they are.
As we have just lost the last veteran I felt it was worth a post

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Every girl should have one!

Every girl needs a little space to muse ... be it shed , studio, summerhouse , beach hut or ? so girls post your pictures of yours
This is Yvonne's " work in progress " and we were privileged to go along and have cocktails in the evening sun, it is a delightful space she will be able to write in.

thank you for a lovely evening and the fantastic array of home grown vegetables and fruit, you are a star