Monday, 26 April 2010

Sunday, 25 April 2010

South of France non Normandy oui !

The weather has been bliss and our three days in France was just beautiful. The blossom was out everywhere and we enjoyed banks of wild flowers on the small country roads , carpets of primroses violets and orchids to name a few.
We had taken a new back route from Caen which was a delight and we did manage to buy a bit from the furniture dealers. It was so peaceful and we made good time to the East coast of the Cherbourg peninsular arriving at the most wonderful estuary just north of Grandville, huge expanses of pale sand very spectacular at low tide, I just get carried away with the colours and try and capture it all.
Madame Melin was still there and we had enough time for a good rummage amongst her huge stock of fabric before driving up the coast to our lovely Hotel on the plage and our room looking out to sea ...Heaven!