Saturday, 19 March 2011

Haberdashery Heaven

having had a quiet response to my ad. in the local newspaper when it was published a couple of weeks ago ,suddenly the phone is ringing so they must have been having a sort out!
Amazing the social history contained in peoples sewing rooms and I swear they are the biggest hoarders of small pieces of elastic ! Has anyone a use for large quantities of polyester and crimpeline ??
Anyway amongst it all I have some wonderful buttons buckles and sewing aids all destined for my next few Vintage and Rag markets plus we are off to Cowslip Workshops in April

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Major Studio re-vamp = 2 day's chaos and counting !

It's nearly five years since my studio was built and lots of times I have had a major sort and blitz but never a total re vamp.
Those of you that remember the shop No 6 , Dairy House and Muckleford will remember my huge pine cupboard I had built. It was a shop in its'self . When I moved from Muckleford I was persuaded to sell it to my god daughter not thinking it would fit the studio, at that time not yet built.
Long story but it is coming home and it has taken two days to empty the studio and today by the skin of our teeth we managed to get it through the house and into the studio ! it has transformed the space, the house looks a mess but the studio looks an oasis of calm.
I have had a little change around and now have a little work area looking over the garden and in summer can throw open the doors.
I am really pleased with the way it has slotted in and now really want to keep the space to move.
There will be loads of bargains at Bridport Vintage mkt March 27th down Les Alleez as I do not want it to go back in my studio. I am off to France the few days before the market so hope to have some new goodies