Wednesday, 11 May 2011

SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY "L'OASIS" Coustellet our Home for three days

We finally arrived at our destination Thursday afternoon as planned. We had booked our Hotel/Restaurant on the internet and through Google Earth I had a good idea what to expect , it was very reasonable and really a Restaurant with rooms , which suited us fine. A small room on the back away from the busy 900 with a view over the vineyards. Clean with little table and chairs and our own shower / bathroom .
10 k from Isle sur la Sorgue where the Antique fair was being held for four days over the Easter Weekend.
This is Vaucluse and definitely The South !
We were hot and very pleased to have arrived so after unpacking went and lay in the sun and dangled our feet in the freezing pool they were just filling. Madame brought us a pre dinner Kir while we relaxed and congratulated ourselves on having made it . The Provence hills in the background, it felt very different and much more mediteranian


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Well done Ted and Bunny

Vintage in the Village Hall was absolutely fabulous

Star Turn latest buy

This mid to late Victorian Frame quilt top has still got it's papers in and is the most stunning document piece, getting rarer by the moment so am thrilled when I can own one for a bit.
ATG are interested in Talent for Textiles and Poundbury so am hoping this will feature as she has asked me for Images

Viviers/ Relais du Vivarais/Lunch

This is the oasis of calm that greeted us when we stopped here for late lunch after being side-tracked by a Brocante on the way down the mountains of Ardeche , wow that was a drive !! 10 k of hairpins.
The Brocante proved to be treasure trove and we left the lady owner very happy , throwing gifts at us as we departed.
We asked for an omelette , no one does them like the French, on the mention of " fries" Madame threw up her hands in horror and said they would do us some gratinoise potatoes , they arrived in little pots and the most stunning smell of caramelized garlic.
This place was a delight , everything you could imagine you wanted, French very much the clients just so heavenly. We knew we had arrived in the very heart of France

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Today's Snapshot Le Puy en Velay the strangest place yet

Founded in the 6th century and definitely on the Pilgrim route this city in the Avergne has two extraordinary natural features which strike you as you drop down the mountains..two volcanic chimney's shaped and eroded by weather to leave two huge stacks topped with enormous statues,
It really takes you by surprise !
It was mahem when we arrived and we had a stressful hour or so going round and round and eventually escaped back up the mountain the way we had come where we were lucky enough to get a room in a small hotel hanging on the side of the most amazing views with a very gourmet Restaurant next door Phew !!!!! what a relief, it was getting late.
Shame we did not get to go to the lace museum , Le Puy is famous for pillow room at the Ibis sadly , however I enjoyed the more peaceful location before tackling the city again next day to head for the Ardeche

Todays snapshot Riom city of Volcanic stone

I was determined never to go back to Clermont Ferrand in the Auvergne, thats another story...soo Lizzie and I pitched up here lunchtime on our second day.
A place of contrasts reflecting the volcanic area, The extinct volcano chain is very dramatic on the skyline.Many of the buildings were built in dark volcanic rock and there is plenty of history here.
I had visited the area twice before but had not visited this town, you climb up to it so it feels quite high and is quite smart but friendly , we liked it and spent a pleasant couple of hours here
It is an area of natural beauty

Bourges Cathedral part two

I really liked Bourges , may make it back to explore a little more.