Monday, 28 March 2011

Time and Tides..

We had a wonderful three days in France with unbelievable weather, primroses everywhere and the sea just gorgeous, huge spring tides that seem to go out nearly to Jersey. You Guardian readers may have seen a full page in the Sat. Guardian of our Hotel des Isles promoting the fact you can fish for your supper on these rocks and the chef will cook it!!
Penny and I settled for the restaurant and as ever enjoyed our favourite view right down the coast.
I collected some goodies, a child's indigo Blaude a nice pile of beautiful linen chemise and smocks,and two amazing graphite coloured herringbone linen paysanne mens smocks. These will be going to the Stroud International Textile Fair in May under the " Franglais " Banner when Lizzie and me stand there along with what we forage in the South.