Thursday, 14 May 2009

Naming no names but....

We worked really hard on promoting our Rag Market in Bridport , spend endless time and quite a bit of money on the advertising and the result was a good day. 
We were asked by lots of people when we would do the next one, however we did not expect one of our stall holders {not a regular I hasten to say !} would jump in ahead and book a fabric sale in the same venue off the back of all our efforts for June I believe.
I know it is a free country but I think that is mean, and after I had made an effort to fit them in, well they won't get asked again

Antique News online

Elizabeth Baer has just introduced me to this great site for on line news for the Trade 

The West of England Antique Dealers' Association have announced the date of their next Swap Shop which will be held by kind permission of McBains Antiques at Exeter Airport Antiques Complex on Tuesday 30 June, 2009 from 8 am. Tickets are £10 per vehicle which will include a hearty dealers' breakfast. All trade welcome. For enquiries call 01749 860686.
Does anyone know anything about this?? sounds good fun

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Linen Hay matress cover

This is one of our finds in Brittany , wonderful ecru linen, after ironing it I realised the beautifully made vent in the centre would not accommodate any other form of filling other than straw or more comfortable , Hay . The corners have been stitched to form a box effect. I love these rustic items , this would be perfect for re enactment. We also have a fine linen sleeping sack which would be ideal for on a boat or camping , the untimate luxury in fact

Kinston Lacy Twinning meet

I took two hours off yesterday afternoon to go to Kingston Lacy and meet the French for tea with our twinning group. What a stunning place , full of wonderful art , mostly somewhat depressing but some gems. Loved the house and the gardens are worth the entry fee alone.
Back to ironing French sheets today after a lovely swim and coffee by the sea.