Saturday, 22 August 2009

Franglais finds Nun's stockings and much much more

Franglais Finds ribbons and tapes

It makes you reflect where this little drawer of lingerie ribbons , grosgrains and fine lace trim and the most fabulous 1920s designer name ribbon from The most elite address in Paris has been waiting undisturbed for years.
I can hardly bear to change a thing it is so evocative of its time and was obviously tools of the trade, maybe it actually did belong to this couturier . Is'nt t wonderful

Franglais Finds Rustics

Lizzie and I love the rustic stuff and Cowslip Workshops are in for a treat next weekend as we have some great rustic and textured hemps and linens.
5 ecru linen sheets with red monograms lol they are just fantastic for upholstering , the colour is just fabulous

Franglais Finds

18 of the most beautiful damask napkins 36 inches x 29 inches wow , great initials and these are in the original wrapping . I am laundering them as they were very storage stained as were the amazing sheets but all is well they are coming up fine as you see

Fabulous finds from my last jaunt

Franglais finds
Two incredible trousseau sheets fine fine linen with the most exquisite raised white embroidery and the width 100 inches !
Sheet no two still in the laundry just spent some time ironing this while remembering my great trip and listening to The Eagles my preferred ironing music

Friday, 21 August 2009

La Boe revisited

La Boe in progress

After a couple of calls and due to me missing an exit we missed a horrendous pile up which was just behind us when we rejoined the motor-way!!
we set off across country to see my friend Ticky and see how much the house has come on since our last visit last summer same time. A loo!!! that flushes a bath and velox windows , in fact new windows throughout.
This is going to be a wonderful spacious four bedroom house with two living rooms an attached barn you could knock though into and out buildings ....interested ? watch this space

we had a tour , delivered the ex pat goodies and did some business in the back of the Volvo , Tick has been buying for us , what a little star
We followed her and family staying across country to a lovely eating place where we spent the French lunch hours before setting off to go north.
We got a little distracted and very lucky not far along the way and then had a long haul up the Cherbourg peninsular with another good stop at the end of the day arriving at Hotel Ibis 7pm ish ready to flop after a few hundred miles in the day.
A shower and a good dinner finished the day well .
We had a good spacious room slept well and after superb breakfast had an hour at the Supermarket before heading for the port.
Good old Freidatoo did not miss a beat , she was a bit down at the back with goodies and my living room is full , yes a good trip

Portsmouth night sailing to St Malo

This was the start of an amazing trip. Sara and I got on board quite early this time and as the cabins were not ready we headed straight for the restaurant and had a window table. This is the way to travel eating the most wonderful dinner as the historic docks of Portsmouth are starting to put on their lights. The strange photography is to do with sea splattered windows rather than too much wine on my part!
The food was excellent and we had a lovely evening people watching with the piano bar music in the background.
We did a little shopping before retiring to our spacious cabin on deck 8 believe me you do not want to be down too low as Penny and I can testify ! think bilges and shower drains .. 8 is good
we slept really well and had breakfast as we sailed into St Malo and sunshine, that was not forcast

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Flourishing fig

This was two very dead looking sticks about a foot high last spring but it had buds so I was confident despite derision from" him indoors "
Look at it now! I had fresh figs when at lunch with Sara and David on the bay yesterday so decided to squeeze my figs as I was told that is how you tell if they are ripe and two are definitely ready, along with another bowl of blueberries, not bad for a tiny paved garden

Breakfast in St Malo dinner in Cherbourg

This will be the sight that greets us Thursday morning as we dock in St Malo although Anglo B does not forecast such good weather. Never mind shopping is the order of the day with the French lunch hour spent with friends .
Ticky has goodies for me and I have her ex pat shopping consignment .
by the evening we will be reviewing our days purchases at the Hotel Ibis on the outskirts of Cherbourg will keep you posted