Saturday, 12 November 2011

Some Business and lots of pleasure !

I have just been to France for a few days with some very special friends, I always feel like I have come home when I arrive.
This time the boat was an hour later so I had to do the last part of the trip in the dark ..." another box ticked " as they say, but was given a warm welcome when I reached Les Pannards by Ticky Nick and the animals.
Each day we went off to forage for goodies and were not dissapointed, lots of lovely hemps which I have been slaving over and some lovely Linens.
One of the biggest pleasure this trip was the two hours riding through the lanes in the most glorious countryside on Nick's horse Pepita with Tick on Rosy and friend Alison on Troy who met up with us en route. What a way to see rural France ! Pepita is 17 hands high which is fine until you have to get off !! We managed two long rides over the weekend. We actually saw red squirrell.
My biggest thrill buying was a portfolio of 17 th century legal documents the earliest was 1628 , many on velum. They all relate to an Estate on the edge of the Mayenne forest near Place. I have real goose bumps looking at that amazing sepia colured ink and wonderful curly script. If you are interested please let me know.