Friday, 12 November 2010

Pagan Festival ????

No!! this is bonfire night outside the Red Lion Desertines France. No prizes given for recognizing the " guy " !!
What the French think of this who knows ! however they are all in favour of the other events Carline and Tony organize. There is always a record turn out for curry night once a month and the fish and chips are popular it's just a fun place in a lovely square with lots of help and advice for new arrivals and a great network if you need something done.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Fun on the Farm

Tick and I dashed home after the Troc/Puce we had been to at Laval and found loads of goodies, Richard and Angie had just arrived to give " the girls " a manicure. In the past they have not been very cooperative about this beauty care , however with plenty of bribes from Angie at the head Richard was remarkably deft and speedy and we were all soon sitting down to a "full English" round the kitchen table

This is Chewy he is delightful a corgi collie cross with the best combination of both, looking unusually sheepish about having his picture taken when on duty!

you all know by now that I love chickens ! Nick and Ticky have expanded their flock and because Ticky could not make her mind up they had two of each. I love the speckled ones !! I adore the noises they make when you feed them, the original four have sorted out the pecking order (sorry could not resist that one !) and peace reigns however they are a bit young , so a lot of chickens and no eggs yet.

Vintage in the Village Hall

I have been lucky enough to be able to have a stall at this event and am really looking forward to it.
There are some really interesting stall holders so I think Christmas shopping might be the order of the day for something special and decorative.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My Travels in France

Crack of dawn last Thursday saw me on the road to Portsmouth to catch the early ferry to Caen. We had a good crossing despite the warnings of gales that had me peering out the window at 4 am praying the ferry would not be canceled.
I had my route numbers pinned to Freida's dashboard and set off south through the most amazing colours , reds that I have only seen in Canada and New England ! Ticky tells me they are the cherry trees.
I arrived at 5 .30 just before dark happy to be back.
Friday I drove Ticky into Mayenne where she helps an Estate agent friend with her English web site. Mayenne is lovely and has wonderful ancient buildings overlooking the river. It has a couple of brocantes which are worth looking at , I managed to find some more jars for my cotton reels and some amazing 50's dress patterns.
I had with me Ticks friend Pat who was keen to have a days rummaging and proved to be great company. We managed several places plus a good lunch and I was thrilled by what I found at one of my regular stops. He had bought from a Manoir .