Friday, 8 January 2010

Ladies Hacking Jackets

I need a couple of Ladies tweed hacking Jackets for a customer in Spain , please girls ??

Remember this??

Well some months later I have finally finished my tubular knitted rug. To be fair I usually only do it at The Spinners meetings .
It all started with knitted bag handles and this magic formular of knitting five stitches on double ended needles and sliding the work along , carrying the wool across the back and knitting from the other end! Got it??? well maybe not , but you end up with a tube like French knitting which when boiled felts into a perfect bag handle for knitted bags.
If you keep going and use all your odd bits of wool and sew them together like a plaited rag rug this is what you get.
I have used really hairy wools like jacob and hardwick so this rug should last ages and felt down nicely with lots of use'
The edging is another story ! Thank you Mildred x I am amazed I retained the pattern from my quick" show and tell" at our Christmas Lunch!!

Dates for your Diary !

Feb. 20th The Bridport Rag Market St Mary's Hall
March 24th Ilminster Talent for Textiles at The Old Meeting House

June 2nd Wed. Talent for Textiles at Poundbury Dorchester

Thursday, 7 January 2010

On the drawing board

I find it helps to take a picture to get a good look at a design layout. Things that cause " visual tension " love that phrase ! can be rectified . Once these are sewn together there is no going back.
I keep thinking I might end up with one with a fault before I run out of sweaters but up to now they have all found good homes.
Interestingly I am also more aware of prominent colours when I look at them on screen.

Fair Isle, the Latest

I have been beavering away and have all but finished the latest throw, just needs a press and perhaps a button to anchor the center.
I love it when I get that last edge bound! This is all hand sewn except the overlocked seams on the back.
No 11 is on the drawing board I just about have time before Shepton Mallet is upon us .

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Friend from the far North

We have had lots of visitors this Christmas and I think Marilyn is definitely from the furthest away. She has driven down from Shetland to visit her son in Yorkshire and then on to spend a few days with me. I have just waved her off into the snowy north. It was great to catch up and it has made me feel another visit to the Islands is overdue.
It is a lovely place full of lovely people and an abundance of wildlife and especially the birds.
Lerwick is a great place and there is a strong connection with Norway.
Look on the Shetland web site and be tempted ! Marilyn runs a great b&b looking down the " voe " to the sea.
As you see I took her to a Dorset favourite ..Lyme Regis which was a great hit.