Monday, 8 August 2011

Latest Farisle throw, ready to back and finish off

I think this is no 12 ! over a period of 6 years and I love the colours of this one. I just have to put the tweed backing on and bind the edges .
Hours of work , first cutting all the squares, then hand sewing them all together and overlocking all the raw edges , my machine does not like that much !!
They are all wool and I hand sew the backing to the front.

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This is where I will be on Thursday !

Thursday as we sail out of Portsmouth I will be enjoying breakfast after a very early start.
It is a holiday weekend in France as August 15th is a holiday whatever day it falls on , I believe and I hope to do my usual calls plus enjoy one or two Vides , there is a big one we go to each year and I am hoping for fine weather and lots of new treasures to bring to the Talent for Textile Fair at the American museum and also Ardingly on Set. 6th & 7th.
It will be lovely to be with Ticky and Nick again in their little piece of heaven in the countryside sitting on the bench out the front of the house ,looking towards the lake , watching the horses and chickens.... yes definitely time for a break !
Honiton tomorrow then packing on Wednesday