Friday, 20 August 2010

Latest finds

Lizzie and I had a great trip to France and are wading through the new buys, washing and ironing is the order of the day.
We had a lovely drive down to our friends after a good crossing arriving in time for a pre supper drink outside on the bench watching the horses. The girls had their friend Troy staying and he is a rather handsome bay hunk so there is lots of squealing going on, all amusing entertainment.
Lizzie and I managed to fit in quite a lot of our calls and the pile was growing nicely with one or two really star buys.
Sunday Ticky took us to a huge Vide and we were so early we nearly proceeded the stall holders! the French are not as fanatical as us about early starts. We had a coffee and croissant while watching the scene unfold .It was a bit wet and mizzly and the site is hilly so the tractors were pulling vans onto the site!! Anyway in due course we did the rounds and hoovered up some really nice things, plus Lizzy got a chandelier for her bedroom and Ticky a pitch fork,we were home in time for a " full English " before the rain set in.