Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Supremes Story with Mary Wilson in Bath

Lizzie and I had a really uplifting day today. It was lovely to go to Bath and not be working!
We met Yvonne at the Bath Assembly Rooms to see the exhibition she has been involved in setting up. The Story Of The Supremes from the Mary Wilson Collection. Mary Wilson was there doing a book signing , she was delightful and very beautiful , even more in the flesh than on TV where she looked wonderful on the programme about Motown last week.
We could not take photographs at the Exhibition but Bath is celebrating the Supremes and Phase Eight had done a special window in Mary's honour which we visited on out way downtown for Lunch.

There were some very strong messages about the suitation for Black Americans in the fifties and sixties and Lizzie and I were very struck by this and both felt emotional about the film clips and voice of Martin Luther King. We could see what a big thing it was to introduce Motown music live in Britain in the 60's.
It is an excellent exhibition full of information and visually spectacular with all the dazzling outfits worn by the Motown legends. Lots of wonderful music to get you bopping too.
It is a touring exhibition at Bath until August 31st Go and see it if you can

Friday, 24 July 2009

A bunting we will go!

I have been wanting to make some bunting for ages and as I have been sorting fabric for the Rag Market this red and white stripe reminded me of beach huts and Punch and Judy .
I was born beside the sea and love anything sea side or marine orientated as I lived on a boat for a period too.
It is such fun to make and brings out the child in all of us.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Transfer fun

I love trying something new and having worked really hard getting up to date on my scraps and buttons ready for the Rag Market August 1st Honiton Devon I rewarded myself with some playtime!

I have been experimenting with some of my quilt pictures and am quite thrilled with the results so am now trying different ways of using the results.
I had some tec. support from him indoors on the print set up.
I have sent off for some lavender to complete these below and wondered if I could ask you girls what you thought I could price these at ? the biggest cost is the transfer paper and lavender as I have dyed French linen in hand and a rose is about 20 pence.

Silver buttons on my knee.......must be a song ?

These are amazing , they came in my last button collection I bought , wonderful Livery buttons.
A gross of breeches buttons and as many cards of a smaller size mint condition in their original packing.
I love suprises like these.