Thursday, 3 December 2009

Haberdashery Junkie

I have had a large fix today for my haberdashery obsession! this is just the start. My favourite " hunter gatherer " called me to say she had rather a big consignment and she was not exaggerating ! so I have many happy hours of playing ahead and rather more rug tools than I ever could imagine so lets hope rug making is hot news!
I love all the packaging and strange items and funny gadgets .
A few more bits for our collection of things we can't bear to part with I will need a special set of drawers soon Lizzie.

Festive parcel from Sweden lucky me!

I was so full of anticipation when I found a padded envelope from Sweden on my doormat today!
Blogging friend Stina had promised me a little traditional Christmas treat in return for starting her bobbin collection.I love all things Scandinavian and all my friends know I favour red and white at most times , especially Christmas ,so from the very start the wrapping was the first pleasure!
look at the lovely selection of decorations, and a lovely touch was the card explaining why she chose each one, I am quite overwhelmed and so thrilled to add to my special collection of traditional decorations.
Thank you thank you and God Jul from Dorset to Sweden

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tavistock's ancient market

Lizzie and I have been promising ourselves a trip to Tavistock Pannier market for many a long time and today was the day.
We enjoyed the drive particularly when we reached the moors. We arrived at Tavistock and were delighted from the moment we crossed the river Tavy.It is such an attractive town and we saw our destination as soon as we arrived.
It is a most historic market and has been restored to a very high standard with lovely surrounding outbuildings converted into tasteful individual shops.
we soon found a few familiar faces, amazing is'nt it in our business! We made a few purchases but were drawn by delicious smells to " Bob's East End Cafe " in the corner where we sat down to a " proper " lunch home made steak and kidney puddings with marrow fat peas and chips washed down with the perfect cup of tea, more than we could eat for £6 and delicious.
I can see this being a destination for more occasions as there is so much to see, we only just started to get acquainted.

Franglaise visit Tavistock

Having made lots of friends in Devon and Cornwall on our visits to Cowslip Workshops we thought we would have a day out and explore Tavistock. We were delighted with what we found.
The whole town is so attractive with lots of individual shops and cafe. The architecture is wonderful and we were thrilled to find some really historic ruins right in the center. As soon as I got home I was looking things up and below is a piece written by the local authority, we did spot a tin mine on the road to Lydford and saw the name " stannary" used in a place name so it bits are starting to fit and build up a picture

Tavistock, an ancient stannary (tin-assaying and tin-marketing) town, lies on the south-west edge of Dartmoor National Park , about 24 km (15 miles) north of the maritime city of Plymouth. The name "Tavistock" derives from "Tavy", the River on which the town lies, and "stock" indicating that the town became a prominent agricultural market for the area, after its progressive development around a Benedictine Abbey, founded in AD974.

The importance of Tavistock's market was recognised by the granting of a Market Charter by King Henry I to the town in 1105. The 900th Anniversary of that Charter and also the 700th Anniversary of Tavistock as an official Stannary Town was celebrated in the town in 2005 by a programme of history, musical and artistic events running from the start of the year to the 30th August, the latter being the day of St Rumon, the patron saint of Tavistock.

A further part of Tavistock's history is that Britain's great seafarer hero, Sir Francis Drake , was born at Crowndale Farm, just south of Tavistock, in 1542. A fine statue of him can be seen not far from the town centre, on the road to Plymouth, the port from which he set sail to confront and beat the Spanish Armada.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Christmas with style !

Girls you really did yourselves proud yesterday! St Mary's Hall looked wonderful and I doubt has ever seen that much talent under one roof.
This was our first Textile Orientated Christmas Market but hopefully we will do more, let me know your thoughts and if you would be interested in doing it again.
It was a good happy atmosphere not as busy as the Rag Market but then there is a lot of Christmas things on this weekend, maybe people have to get to know that ours is different.
Anyway thank you all for your support from Caroline and myself and hope to hear from you all

Saturday Feb 20Th is our next event The Bridport Rag Market so please let Caroline or myself know if you want your name on the list.
These are Cally,s Santas made by her own fair hand