Thursday, 21 May 2009

Crossley Mosaic follow up

I have had a reply from the Calderdale museum to say they have an example of the picture I have and it is cataloged as Fisherman and girl. So I have confirmation that it is a  "mosaic " as I had thought and also that it is a recognised one so now I will try and value it.


These are two of my favourite pictures of Poundbury Buffy giving students from Hardy School her time and experience and Sue the picture of a happy shopper lots of bags and........oh yes a tractor on a string! Thanks for your support. Thank you All for your warmth and good humour you make it worthwhile

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ready to go

Freidatoo is packed to the roof , I am glad I just have to go up the road to Poundbury as David will have to come home for the " Brocante " bits after I have unloaded.
I have enjoyed doing a few rustic bits, takes me back to my kitchenalia and furniture days.
I love this chunky trug.
It is still really windy but not cold and the sun is out to I am hoping tomorrow is no worse than today for we outside stall holders at least it will be warmer than last year!
I am off to the Hall tonight to set up the tables and see in anyone who wants to unload.
I am still papering the town with flyers and David will take a load to the market tomorrow.
I wish you All a Great day on behalf on myself and Caroline, we will have fun yes as always but I hope you all do well, oh I do so hope so.
Right had better go and make the fish stew for early supper