Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Funky chickens

Are these not hilarious! my friend Sara is always doing something different . These characters were sitting in her studio overlooking the sea when I went for lunch today.
 She has promised we will have a day when she shows me how to make  pods and will have to try some chickens too,they would be really cute for Easter baskets. I had a lovely little pod for Easter last year full of chocky eggs ,Sara had felted some lace I gave her into the base. It sits on my coffee table and I keep it topped up with goodies.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Bobby Dazzlers

This is one of those tales! 
 Is'nt it amazing where things come from in this business.!!
I am selling these little beauties for a friend. 
They originate from Hungary in the 1920's, so are early plastic. They were part of a consignment that was sent to Chicago at that time and were discovered in the basement some years ago by a relative of the importer. These are all that are left now I wish I had been around fifteen years ago when they came to light !!! They are mint and £10.00 each