Wednesday, 23 March 2011

"Avalon" fabulous new venue for Talent for Textiles

Elizabeth Baer has a fantastic nose for a good venue to delight "Talent for Textiles" followers.
The latest find is quite thrilling, it poses a few challenges not least the feisty chickens sitting on eggs in the huge hay cart !! one raised merry hell the whole time we were there on Tuesday to work out table plans.
Lizzie and I met Elizabeth at Glastonbury Somerset rural life Museum, Abbey Barn is 14th century and just breathtaking.
May 20th is not an event to miss!
There is a lovely museum attached with a great cafe ,we tested the fare it was delicious!
It is a short way to The Abbey and a walk directly to the Tor .It is free entry too
The first thing they did was hand out hard hats! mostly you needed to watch where you walked not worry about things dropping on your head, as they are replacing a pair of the huge side doors , experts using techniques from ancient times just fascinating, it is a magnificent space.
There is going to be an amazing selection of dealers from all spectrum's of Textiles and Glastonbury is an interesting town so please pass the word and come and enjoy a "T for T experience "

Monday, 21 March 2011

Yes it's that time again...We are Sailing..

Our room 2nd and 3rd from right on top floor , we get two windows! long climb but the view is heaven
Penny enjoying the Spring sunshine devouring Cote Ouest magazine

Twice a year Penny and myself escape to a little place we love on the West Coast of the Cherbourg Peninsular Hotel Des Isles, it looks straight out to Jersey and the sea is so close we can hear it lapping and rippling through the open window at night.

It is very " New England " in style and the Brazilian owner is also an interior decorator with a shop in town, so it is the last word in chic and all simple muted colours and lots of maritime influence being right on the plage.
We have our favourite places to visit and a lot revolves round food ! but of course I will take time to buy,how could I not!
There is a discount fabric shop in the most unlikely place it took us ages to find after a few years gap. We used it for patchwork fabric in the past,it is mostly too modern but a delight to rummage through and can produce something different for the " makers ", it is near the most breathtaking estuary with stretches of pale smooth sand molded into shapes by the river and sea, this time I will try and do it justice in a photograph. I just find it so soothing ..the colours and textures and emptiness .
We are going to Granville this time , it is a lovely seaside town with a serious harbour,I often used to stop for lunch on the quay on my way to catch the ferry home after a visit much further south,it will be nice to re visit after a few years absence . The Chandlers shops amongst the seafood restaurants were always fascinating,I bought fine netting to make curtains to screen an ugly view and still have light.

Tide way out ! when in, comes right up to the rocks in the foreground across the road from the Hotel, Jersey in the haze the lights are lovely at night

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Miss Scarlet Velvet's Gothic Emporium: New Trend from Japan - Mori Girl Style / Dolly Kei...

Miss Scarlet Velvet's Gothic Emporium: New Trend from Japan - Mori Girl Style / Dolly Kei...: "Very pretty new trend from japan, this look incorporates lots of vintage and retro clothing as well as lots of antique lace and other haberd..."

Bits and Bobs this and that

I find it totally fascinating what can turn up in otherwise seemingly simple sewing boxes !
can you imagine having hose in the colours of these mending yarns, wow they were so chic.
This was also the period when zips were new and big and least they did not fall appart at the first excuse like the horrid plastic ones we have now !! some would make a fab feature in some customized garment they are so chunky and bold...ideas please readers, I have lots and lots!!
And what about these ? I love the way these are presented, obviously a special purchase or present

And this is just the cutest thing , what story it could tell ?A traveling sewing kit, how long has it been in the bottom of this ottoman ?

And this gorgeous little 1920's " China -man " travel set, is'nt he fun

finally this lovely little painted wooden pin cushion just so much in it's period , I love it