Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday Sunday

well here I am 7 am Sunday but it is just down the road from me.
It was a nice morning and even first thing I had made three good contacts and one with the promise of a good call so worth getting up for.
I had quite a good morning and managed to get rid of quite a bit towards our empty garage aim !
We are staring with the lowest and working up on a massive clearance so any of you out there that are interested give me a call 01305 264914.
A friend came to keep me company a while and have a break and on my way back I met a man carrying a red Napoleonic Jacket !! hello this is Dorchester!!
He had bought it for the silver buttons ,I missed that one ! anyway I now have the jacket minus the buttons.I am sure my Napoleonic re enactment friends might like it for reference