Thursday, 12 March 2009

Poor Freida !!!!

Freida visiting friends in Normandy
Poor Freida my lovely old friendly volvo blew her top on the way to Bath to help Buffy with her website on Monday. It would have been her 21st birthday this year .. I had stopped counting at 18 as I always do with birthdays!
At least it was not on the way to a Fair or in France last week where she went so well
David egged on by Lizzie's husband Len have bought Freida2 on e bay and have gone to Bath today to collect her. I am doing the Flea market at Exeter this weekend so hopefully I will have a new friend to go in . I have to get used to using a clutch again

Poor Freida !!!!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Unidentified object ??

I have been having a rummage in the depths of my studio and come up with some really interesting "stuff " ..can anyone tell me what this is??

Object no 2 sent our Lizzie into raptures, she will tell you more !

I unearthed some French tortoiseshell knitting needles probably " faux " ...but never mind, and much more this'nt it wonderful when you start to Spring clean what you find.

My studio/shed has become a tip over the winter months and I have been longing for the day of sunshine when I could heave things out onto the paving and re organise. A wet morning last week on a post office run with a little deviation to the" Sally Ann  " my favourite charity shop provided the perfect incentive...real wood shelves ! solid wood £15.00 ! I rushed home and took a tape measure down to the shed and burrowed ...yes they would fit . They had to stay in Freida until the day of sunshine arrived but I am so thrilled . Now Freida is full of all the displaced stuff so just as well we have a flea market next weekend at Exeter