Wednesday, 14 October 2009

French Leave

Twice a year Penny and I raid the £2 coin slush fund and book into our favorite little Hotel in Normandy .It is right on the sea front and looks straight out to Jersey. We always have the same room on the top floor , long hike but worth it. We get two windows looking out to sea and sleep to the sound of the waves.
We have three whole days as we are going overnight tomorrow. After doing four events in one week I so need the break.
However I will of course be doing some buying between seeing friends and having good lunches, we have even managed to find a big Vide to go to Sunday. I still get a thrill every time I book a trip

Monday, 12 October 2009

Washed out!

Thank goodness for a sunny day! Lizzie and I had a rather disastrous Shepton Flea yesterday. We were well prepared with gazebo and new large tarpaulin and were fine until the wind got up !
Our gazebo was tied to Freidatoo at the back but the front rose into the air and we had to quickly get the tarp off which was acting as a balloon. The gazebo now bent to thingy had to be turned on its back and the lovely security men dismantled it and carted it off ...thank you boys.
It was a really misseling wet rain which soaks everything , we were soaked through and now have cartloads of washing and ironing and drying out to do .
insult to injury! the dress rail fell in the mud
silver lining two ladies had been before the disaster and bought all our heavy coats !!
So as I am want to say " worse things happen at sea " and they do, it still remains we have a lot of work to do .
fortunately the next fair Talent for Textiles at Ilminster is November 4th so we have some time and after 4 fairs in one week a much needed break
Lovely to see all our Friends at Shepton and some faces from way back too