Thursday, 17 September 2009

Upwey Spinners dyeing day

I took a day off to spend a day dyeing with my spinners group from Upwey, my first attempt at natural dyeing so high excitement and I had managed to prepare a few things at the last moment with Lizzies help on the mordant front.
Lizzie joined us as a guest and we had a wonderful day on Mildred Cox's Farm in the sunshine lucky is that!
Annabel Wilson came with her expertise and an Indigo Vat, you can book workshops with her she takes small groups and I am going to sign up.
The girls had also made up madder , onion skins and alkenet , should check the spelling on that! it is an amazing lilac/grey/taupe.
I have taken loads of pictures which I will filter in later.
At the end of the day to use up the vat we dipped a French sheet ...oh wow am I hooked !!!!