Saturday, 4 February 2012

Puce de Couturiere

Lizzie and I are off on our first French " Gig " of the year ( weather permitting you may remember some dramatic moments a couple of years ago involving blizzards and ditches ! )
We are off to stay with our lovely friends Tick and Nick and hopefully truffle out some new treasures for our followers.
We are standing at the local dressmaker's fleamarket where we take the English stuff to the French and at the same time buy lots of interesting bits and bobs.
Last year they liked us a lot and we were invited to and did another further up country, you can only do two events a year in France without getting bogged down in French tax, on  these events they do take your details.
I am really excited at the prospect of doing the rounds of our regular spots and on Sat. there is a Brocante so hopefully we will have lots of new ammunition for upcoming events.
we are on the overnight Ferry to Caen this time so we have all day to arrive at Les Pannards so if it looks a bit icy we can have a long breakfast and wait for the roads to warm up!
Swiss Normandy is hilly hence the name
wish us luck