Monday, 18 February 2013

French Blues, workwear new take on serge de Nimes

I know Denim originated from Nimes and has been arround for a long time , but I think these French Farmer's jackets have a bit of an edge on modern denim.
And they only get better as you wear them in ! Gardeners , artists, etc. you will love them for their tough chic

Sunday, 17 February 2013

I am developing a " thing " for these

These antique portable sewing stands were popular in France and we have managed to find a few since Elizabeth Baer introduced me to them .
 This one has it's original fabric I think and just needed new tapes to replace the random string. A nice bit of wax and it is transformed.
Perfect for household mending { or stock ! } can be easily carried to wherever you want to sit so pretty with it's turned wood and practical.
Ticky spotted this and another stand at one of our stops , well done that girl , just need to put the fabric on the second one and they will be ready to delight sewers at Dorchester Curiosity

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