Friday, 27 March 2009

" Freidatoo "

Good news !! Freidatoo has passed her MOT ...phew she is also sporting  Freida's roof rack so all ready to roll Like all old cars she has her quirks,  like locking you out !! as I found to my cost when I did the flea market at Exeter, I leapt out of the car at Honiton to talk to Yvonne and forgot to take the keys from the ignition ,it's only when you put your hand on the handle to re open the door ,  she clams shut... thank goodness for the AA .
David thought he'd fixed that...I think I will be sporting a new piece of jewelry key perhaps

All things French

Just booked our next trip to Brittany for the end of April.....that's my fix for the day !
 I am hoping to plan some new routes with the aid of my favourite toy Google Earth, I adore maps ,my Dad always planned my motoring trips with me . I used to take my children ( and anyone else that wanted to come! ) on Youth Hosteling trips all round the British Isles. " Clifts cultural tours ter North " one of my friends used to call them ...I still have my diary of the many trips we made.
Anyway I digress... I spent another morning in my studio cleaning and digging with the aid of my friend Janice who loves a challenge.
look what I found !! memories of early Sunday morning at La Mans market when we were there for our annual visit to do Olga's textile fair. The fair used to open later on the Sunday so were off before light to see what we could find. The French are much more laid back than us and we used to join them in the nearest cafe for croissants and strong coffee while we waited for them to decide to unload.
This little lot was my trophy this particular year and they have been hidden in the studio since I moved from Muckleford  a couple of years ago.
 I think they may be 1930's Children's kitchenalia or even a little earlier ? any ideas???
I used to do lots of Kitchenalia and still find it hard to resist.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Easter On The Farm Cowslip Workshops Cornwall

We are looking forward once again to a weekend at one of our favourite places
 Jo has invited Lizzie and me back as her house guests with " Franglais " our selection of Vintage and French Antique textiles and rustic linens for Good Friday and Easter Saturday.
Please look at her web site to see the fantastic treats that await you at this very special place.
Not only is this working Farm in a  really beautiful setting with a fantastic welcome,from Jo  and Stephen there is a shop full of wonderful needlecraft and quilting supplies . And a restaurant which is worth the visit even if you don't sew!

 The food is freshly made by Andrew the young chef and Vicky makes mouthwatering cakes, just take a seat on the veranda and enjoy the fabulous views across the raised beds full of fresh produce and herbs just a short step from the kitchen. 
Sunday lunch is hugely popular and on special weekends the Friday suppers  have a great atmosphere , full of regulars. 
Those of you that know us know how much we love good food.

Come and see us , we will have lots of special buttons,trims and  "tickings" we have sourced on our travels to help give you that individual touch to all your projects.