Thursday, 18 February 2010

In the Red ! my favorites

I adore the rustic linens with the red initials, so when rummaging through a pile of linen my heart leaps when I catch that glimpse of red ! they nearly always seem to be on the inside so it is a lovely surprise and could easily be missed. Lizzie and I had some lovely finds and I have been up to my eyes in steam the last two days.
We will have plenty of Linen for projects at the Rag Market and some lovely pieces of 19th cent. Linen for Shepton Mallet from the 19th of March and Talent for Textiles at Ilminster on March 24th one of our best and most enjoyable fairs. Caroline Bushell is a star.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Loads of Booty this trip

We woke to sunshine on our second day after a wonderful night's sleep and just so thrilled to be there at all after our horrendous start in the ditch in a blizzard.
Nick had made Freida's lights legal so I took my courage in my hands and we crept off on the snow covered roads 20 mph until we reached the main road to Mayenne which was clear. phew ! it was a bit stressful but we knew Nick would come in the dump truck if we got stuck.
Mayenne we had picnic lunch with Ticky at her office and after playing in the dress shop we thought we had better do some work, It was 6 0cl when we arrived home triumphant having made a fantastic start...... need some upholstery fabric ??????
It was curry night at the Red Lion in Desertines... about 6 different curries and all the trimmings.
we were beginning to feel like locals. Takes a bit of getting your head round being in France ,yet feeling you might just have taken a wrong turn and ended up in Yorkshire. Still I'm a good northern lass as is my hostess so just blend.

The Good Life our Rural retreat

As you see plenty of snow! first get a dump truck full of logs ready for the woodburner, their house was toasty warm and the views are gorgeous , Nick has made full length windows so light floods in.
Then a walk round the lake to inspect the wildlife, we saw pheasant ,fox, and hare tracks.
The chickens are very happy and lay every day so one egg each for breakfast. It is at the end of a country road so just so quiet , just heaven.

Views of Mayenne

Lizzie and I have always been fond of Mayenne especially the dress shops and their sales! there is a Depot Vent on the riverside but we only bought one sheet, whereas the dress shop....well thats another story ! however I am still wearing stuff we bought years ago.
I remember a memorable lunch in a cafeteria in the main square , self service and such fun.
Ticky is working in the Estate Agent on the quay so we had picnic lunch with her from the local bakery while Mrs Drake tried to decide which house she would like.

What a difference a day makes!!!

After a disastrous start to our French trip and a rather worrying drive south with our " saviours " through thick snow by the time we reached their house the sun had broken through and this was the breathtaking countryside we viewed from the warm with a plate of Ticky's amazing lasagna and the best garlic bread ever, counting our blessings.