Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Not so much "three men in a boat" more like an S.A.S assault course!

The regulars of The Red Lion Desertines are always thinking up fun ideas for charity or just an excuse for a get together.
This is the third annual canoe trip { you would think they had learnt something by now !! }
The idea was a two hour jolly down a local river and a BBQ in the garden of one of the group Nr. Domfront. Sounds straightforward... we were all contributing to the food and drink. We met at the Bar and then followed our leader to the launch spot, I have to say quite a long way from the end destination.
We had a little light rain but all were in good spirits and in time all the canoes were dragged across the field and launched amidst lots of hilarity, Ruddles the sea dog bailed out twice in fine mins. so we had to take him with us, he knew a thing or two !
We drove off to theBBQ site and had a coffee in Moira's house until the sun came out so we decamped to the garden and set everything up to await the jolly boatmen.
Ticky and I went down to the bridge and followed the windy river as far as we could and noted some large trees had fallen across the river so were planning how they would land etc.
We sat on the riverbank for a long time watching all the wildlife including Ratty that Tic managed to catch on film.
Every now and again we would be joined by other members of the group and we would listen and give a shout. Eventually we decided to walk back to the garden for a bit and left someone else on watch.
Five hours had now passed ! suddenly a bedraggled figure appeared, Apparently two of the boys had gone off trying to find them, not easy in this rural area, fortunately Nick and Jeff had climbed out to wait for the others and were spotted by Grant and Bob from the road, All hands to help, we drove off miles to find some very wet weary blokes  and two girls , scratched and bitten, it had been an endurance test, fallen trees brambles old mill races, you name it ! they had to climb over and chop through endless  vegetation full of insects and more than a few capsizes .
They all lined up for showers while BBQ was fired up and despite the rain which had then started we had a lovely if rather belated supper under Parasols. Lots of stories to be told of the " adventure "
Ticky and I had had a lovely time waiting on the river bank watching the swallow dip, kingfisher,water rat and some big ragadans which I thought were otter at first.
Ready for the "Off"

first find the river

Ok where is Jeff ??

Ahoy Mr Nick

All together now



Rescue squad

The A team

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Treasures from my trip

Normandy News

One of the things we love to do in the early evening is walk down to the lake with Poppy who on this occasion fell in ! we were accompanied this week by two other visitors Monty the mad setter and Tilly who has short legs but was determined to come

Monty does many laps round the lake like a white streak happy dogs !

squirrels  Monty. what ! where ! who me ??

feeding the carp is great fun
Some of our finds from the Vide Grenier