Friday, 14 May 2010

In another life I was a furniture dealer

I always loved wood and polished everything in sight in my kitchenalia and furniture days. I still can't resist doing the odd piece, makes such a change from ironing!
Is'nt this little spice unit a sweetie ? This one is destined for Poundbury in the Brocante department, I have been out spreading the word and papering the streets girls to make sure you get a good turn out June 2nd.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ticky's babes and a new fence !

Tick and Nick have been hard at work on their post and rail fence which looks pretty smart, They are in the lovely rural countryside just outside Colombieres du Plessis.
Their new additions to the family are Pepita and the chestnut baggage is Rosie, Ticks words not mine!
I am really looking forward to going to see them in June.I think the weather will be a little easier than our Feb. trip !

Need a needle ?????

Amongst my haberdashery hoard I have a needle for nearly everything !! starting from £1.00 a pkt. I so love the old art work on the packaging don't you? I am also reminded of the various crafts that have been fashionable over the last century such as raffia work
Needless to say postage is minimal so have a shopping spree

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Youngest customer yet

Down on the Farm Cowslip Workshops

Lizzie and I were at one of our favorite locations for the weekend, Cowslip Workshops in Cornwall, do look at their web site it is a wonderful oasis of calm, full of inspiring things and people not least Jo our hostess who makes everyone want to stay for ever.
We were there as an " added attraction " during the Julie Arkell workshop which was such fun.
The food is always wonderful , these leaves were straight from the poly tunnel Andrew and Vicky produce the most delicious food so many people come regularly just to eat and be part of the ambiance. It is like going on retreat only with indulgence thrown in !
Thank you all for your enthusiastic support as always we came home with new ideas... they love my haberdashery !