Monday, 27 April 2009


We last met in 1972! We were good friends when I was in Canada from 1965 and have kept in touch over the years but you do wonder!....especially with them coming to stay a few days....we have had so much fun.
The weather was not brilliant on Sunday so we drove to West Bay to look at the harbour and bought some fresh fish for the cats and amazing dressed crab for our supper, what a bargain ! the fresh fish shop in West Bay is well worth going to. We drove back along the coast road and had roast beef carvery At The Poet Lauriet Poundbury which was excellent and as our guests are history buffs  they requested Maiden Castle Hill Fort, that took care of a few calories ! we walked the whole summit and the weather had cleared so we enjoyed the views in sunshine.
It is always fun showing visitors your favourite places, we drove to Portland Bill in the wind and rain today to experience the sea, my camera battery was flat so I can't share that with you, or Chiswell Cove and The Cove inn where we had a great lunch in the cosy warmth overlooking the sea,Lizzie introduced me to that delight.We were so intrigued by the photographs of the ships wrecked in that cove. I got full marks for taking them there.
 Janet found a tome on Victorian cakes in one of our charity shops she had been trying to buy for 20 years and we have had fun trying to find English wines to try, they brought us some special Canadian ones including an ice wine, will have to make a special desert for that one or maybe it just should be a desert all on it's own.
They also brought Canadian wild rice and black walnut cookies, the only way they were allowed to bring  black walnuts into the country !