Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A bead for all purposes

More studio contents I have a huge selection of beads for every purpose and in most colours, these are a little selection The above are lovely @ £2.00 if you can't see what you want ask I have drawers full of every colour
£1.00 for the green
these bronze beauties are £3.00
Reds from £1.00 - £3.00

these opaque crystal £2.00
sequins £2.00
Gorgeous tassels £5.00 each

so pretty £1.00
From £1.00 - £3.00 according to size

This fat bag £3.00
£2.00 for these sweeties
From £1.00 small to £3.00 large

£1.00 each
chunky chartreuse £3.00

spiral lozenges £3.00
leaves £2.00

bugles £1.00

foil centered £2.00

Hidden lovelies

Please look carefully as some of the pictures may be repeats, All these flowers are £10.00 however depending how many you buy I am sure there can be a little movement on the price

Having decided to tidy my studio I have found a few buried treasures ! worth digging I think you will agree

So pleased to Discover these in a Hat box in my studio

These are £10 each
These are £10.00 each
These are £10 each
This one is £10.00
This one is £10.00

This one is £10.00
This one is £10.00
This one is £10.00
This one is £8.00
This one is £8.00
This one is £8.00
This one is £5.00
These are £8.00

this one is £5.00
My studio has been too full to make work possible so a few things have been shunted off to the lockup and a goodly number departed on Sunday at the Vintage Market Bridport so I can now get to some neglected shelves.

Studio tidy look what I found!!

I love it when I have time to rummage look what I re discovered these small bunches are £8 each

Monday, 28 June 2010

Bridport Vintage Mkt.

It was the most amazing hot day ,just what we ordered for our outside stall , a far cry from wind and rain at Shepton Flea !!
We were well turned over and said goodbye to a lot of things we had collected over the year, in our attempt to regain some order in our lives, they went off happily to start a new life as another person's treasures.
We saw lots of familiar faces and some we had not seen for a while, there was plenty to look at as the permanent units were all open full of goodies as well as the brocante stalls outside.
The food was delicious and lush home made Elderflower presse kept us sustained.
We were really happy and will be there again July 25th.
Considering we were competing with Wimbledon ,World cup and motor racing . I thought we were well supported , Well done Sharon and Mike