Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bed or Board

This is a lovely old linen in that slightly grey white dated in corner Elizabeth Cromwell 1830 which does not match with the monogram so she must have done it as a present.
It has one neat patch done a long time ago at one end.
Price £45.00
I am using my Blog rather than my web site at the moment as Fasthosts seem to be having problems and none of my pictures are uploading they are seeking advice from a higher technology.....The Engineer Mr Moon is in charge.

A Lick and A Promise

Makes a nice break from Ironing napkins!
This is quite a big basket of it's type and although they were probably for root vegetables, the mud falls through . I think it would do a turn for laundry, perhaps even transport a tablecloth a few glasses and a bottle of wine on a picnic.
I am rather in love with Farrow and Ball old white this week, so gave the basket a quick lick and some frames too. No wonder I end up with so many containers, its a throw back from my treen and kitchenalia days.
Found Lizzie clutching this on one of our " truffling "days for Franglais
£25.00 for the basket

Friday, 18 February 2011

Box clever

I love fabric covered boxes ! and these lovely French fabrics were irresistible at our Couturier's Puce.
I love the cylinder lined as well as covered. It would be ideal for knitting needles and the long rectangle is almost a fan box but could be used for needles too.
The little set of drawers with metal handles is definitely Provence.
I would love to be able to do this as neatly as these are, does anyone know of a course I could do ??
£35.00 for the set of drawers
£35.00 for the rectangle
£28.00 for the cylinder

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fun at the Fair/ rag mkt French style

We were made really welcome by all the ladies who run the dressmakers rag market each year in a little Town about 15 miles from Ticky. We managed to get there last year despite the snow and bought some lovely things and Ticky had been before when we were unable to make it.
I occurred to us they might find us a novelty ! we packed about four boxes each I have never been anywhere with just four boxes , nevertheless we were happy with our day and met some really nice people, it made me practice my French too!!
The locals were intrigued with my darning mushrooms and I sold quite a few.
We had a little quiet time mid day while we all enjoyed a bit of lunch ,then they flooded back in and it was busy until 5.30.
We had a lovely surprise when Mark and Jean dropped in to say hello.
There were a good number of quilters there and there seems a good mix of French and English.
We have been invited to do another one further north at St Lo which we are considering whether we can manage depending on timings as we are soooo busy in May... it may be another quick "turn around" from one Fair to another but involving ferry travel so more complicated .
It was fun to be part of something in the community. Ticky was brilliant as always making sure we had lunch and were happily settled , when we got home a fantastic Sunday roast awaited us, then the fire and Bafta awards... happy bunnies

Just a taste of our latest treasures from France

We can't wait to deck our shopping arcade at Ardingly on March 1st with our stunning block printed and Arts and crafts fabrics.
You will find us in No 58 of the Shopping Arcades with all our new stock as Lizzie and I will spend the next two weeks preparing it all, Ardingly is our next event so do come and visit us .

Lots of fine linen for dolls clothes

Franglaise in France ( a slice of heaven )

We had a lovely trip on Thursday starting with a fabulous breakfast in the Restaurant on the ferry which is sheer luxury and much better value than the self service ! We had had very little sleep and an early start so that set us up for the day as we sailed out of Portsmouth.
It was a quiet calm crossing and we were soon on the road south. As we got into the journey the sky was brightening and by the time we were through Domfront (which I have an affection for it is a magnificent fortified hill town ) it was a lovely evening.
We arrived well before dark which I was grateful for, so we had time to say hello to the chickens and horses and big hugs all round as it was November that I made my last visit and Ticky and Nick are so welcoming and lovely I feel I have just come home.
They have great plans for their lake and hope to be open for fishing in the near future, and believe me it is a heavenly spot to spend some keep your eye on our Blogs for more info