Saturday, 18 July 2009

Pitchforks and Pikestaffs at Dorchester

Lizzie and I had a lovely time at the Medieval Fair today, I can still smell the woodsmoke on my clothes from all the encampment fires. The variety of tents was amazing we are really tempted ! They were jousting when we arrived.
There were lots of Artisans , we were really interested in the lady spinning wool that she had dyed with natural plant dyes , they were all very willing to share their expertise.
We were there at lunchtime and the food they had prepared was wonderful, we had to make do with a Hog Roast but it was good. One tent was licenced to cook and was making Dorset apple griddle cakes , they were simply delicious with our coffee.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Lovely prints en route to me

Lovely 20's 30's and 40's fabrics winging their way to me starting at £3 for an 8 inch square many lovely feedsack fabrics

All buttoned up!

I went on a call today to one of my ladies who collects for me, the money goes to charity so I am always a little more generous. This time I was thrilled to find such an amazing selection of not only buttons but sewing tools ,pins and needles and a huge collection of darning mushrooms, a lot in early plastics

Linen buttons in every size and quantity some with wonderful art work on the cards, the packaging is half the attraction.
Mushrooms £3.00 each
What a fabulous collection of mother of pearlbuttons and buckles
I will be putting these on my web site but in the meantime if there is anything you are interested in don't hesitate to ask

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Ready steady and we hope up up and away!

A little drama is unfolding today and I can hardly bare to watch!
for what seems weeks a baby seagull has been marching around on the roof of a very " des res " opposite my office window stushing about . His parents have decided it is time for him to fly and keep floating round and calling from the next roof.
My little friend is doing lots of wing flapping and standing on the edge and even done a few little jumps, but has yet to pluck up the courage to jump. Parents have given up for a bit and just sitting above him watching.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Lovely Linens

This is one of three pieces consisting of a lace edged bedspread and two narrow pieces made into curtains, just the most lovely faded blues .bought at Barnes on Sat.
The tablecloth below is unused old linen and is 12 foot 8 inches long!! x 8 foot 8 inches wide, just amazing

Back at the Ranch

I am slowly recovering from my marathon week and safely delivered David to Exeter Hospital to have his hip replaced.
He is fine and thrilled to have two legs the same length ! will be home Thursday. I am so excited as the bedroom is being decorated as we speak hopefully a tasteful powder blue to match all my blue and white quilts and various pictures with blue sky and sea I am so fond of. It will be a nice surprise for him and make a lovely background for photographing quilts!
Just had a call from my Ticky and being Bastile Day they are off to a local Vide....envy envy!! but all is well she phoned for a shopping list!
We will meet for lunch when I go on my next trip August 19th, overnight too St Malo how civilised . Lizzy will be at the quilt show in Brum so am taking our furniture dealer friend Sandra. it will give a different aspect.
Lots of new goodies for our time at Cowslip Workshops Cornwall Aug. 28th & 29th , we love it there

Some of my latest buys

Feedsack fabrics in 9 inch squares a variety of designs and in most cases several pieces @ £3.00 each

A wonderful little array from one of our Brocante and Furniture dealers
My favourites gorgeous rustic coloured monogramed Linen French sheets various prices

Sunday, 12 July 2009

" Day 4 " phew

Much later than the day before!
Breakfast in the sun before the long treck home and before unloading the car I needed to sort my studio so finally stopped at tea time today.
Sandra's studio is double version of mine, it was seeing hers that put me on the right track.
Don't you love the little 1930's shed at the end of the garden!
Will show you my latest buys next blog

" Day 3" Barnes Fair SW13

Sandra and I do this Fair every year and to be sure of being able to get set up stress free and get your car off the site without getting blocked in you need to be there early and I mean early!
We were on site 5.30 am . where our pitch is , is very tight and the size of the gazebo is spot on so that's the first thing. Even at that time it is busy so you need to offload and take the cars about a 15 min. walk away to the designated car park while there is still time to manoeuvre these big cars and vans.
Once the tent is up and all the familiar faces start to arrive the atmosphere is great and it becomes a massive area of wonderful stalls like a souk.
We were doing business by 7.30 and were ready for a gorgeous capacchino and croissant by 9am from the French cafe across the road from us. We have a great spot at the start on a main path so see so many familiar faces and friends it is lovely. We had a few showers but that put no one off and it was heaving all day long 14 hours later we collapsed in a heap at Sandra's barely able to move.
However it was a good day and we sold well and even bought a bit ... thats about as good as it gets is'nt it

Talent for Textiles Bradford on Avon

Day one of my four day weekend was Thursday when I set off for Bradford on Avon with a very full Volvo. Buff had the keys so I was able to take my time setting up and knowing I was going to enjoy her hospitality and not have to go home that evening was lovely.
We had a very jolly evening with delicious food with five of us being entertained by Elizabeth and Derek.
Next morning dawned fine and the rest of the girls " Buffy"s Babes " arrived early to set up their stalls in time for a 10.30 opening. It is always a bit like a party and we are so happy to have Ginny back with her lovely food.
We saw lots of our regular favorite customers and there was an air of enthusiastic buying and much discussion about projects and decor ,its lovely to know what people are going to do with what they buy.
Lizzie bless her came and helped me and took back what I did not need for Barnes next day.
By 5.30 I was back on the road and found my way across country to the M4 I did really well until I joined the M25....
I was welcomed with open arms and a delicious late supper with my lovely Sandra and husband Mike. Did you catch Vivienne Westwood on Johnathon Ross? I thought she was great and he was so repectful.
Liz Sandra's daughter works with Vivienne.