Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lace on Etsy

I am finding Etsy very convenient for small items so now things are quieter I am being busy in the warm.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas starts here

 Penny and I waited a little longer this year to take our little break at Hotel de Isles on the promise of some Christmas cheer !
Our hostess has an interiors business and keeps the colours changing in the Hotel and has a " Before the Hour " Christmas event.
It certainly was very pretty and the food better than ever. We avoided most of the rain and toured all our favourite places , including a bakery we like in Coutance that does delicious mini quiche for lunch on the run.
I managed to buy some goodies from my contacts and the mannequin was the finishing touch!

Jersey was making appearfances through the mist and we so enjoyed the sea and birds fom our " ivory tower " up in the roof

Kir Royale pre dinner after a full day civilized. Bar looks out to sea and is very cosy. The staff are lovely and give us a big welcome  each visit

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