Monday, 30 May 2011

Final lap of our tour de France

We left Bergerac on a lovely sunny morning having made an executive decision to change our route for a more gentle rural N road instead of going further West and having to contend with heavy traffic and more cities.
We had breakfast on the patio in the sun looking over the vineyards and drove North to Perigdeux, It was just gorgeous and we felt we were in true old France, areas that were full of history ,not forgetting the famous cave paintings which we must go back and see.
It was a lovely day and we spotted this treat which we made a swift detour to enjoy along the way as there is so much to choose from I think it needs another visit to do it justice.I would love to explore the city of Perigdeux , there was something unique about it.
We were making good time and went to re visit Saumur which I like a lot and have been to briefly a couple of times. On the outskirts along the Loire are many grand houses and chateau and these amazing places built into the rock which made wonderful wine stores.
I think really we should have stopped then but I had it in mind to go to Angers where we got caught up in rush our traffic jams again !! looking for a bed.
We were lucky Lizzie had found Hotel Camponile had one on the road out , which we spotted and dived off the turning. It turned out to be a good clean motel type place with an attached restaurant and plenty of parking. Just what you need after a really long drive.
Our final night on the road before arriving at Nick and Tick's next day in time to watch the Royal Wedding.
This wonderful " by the mill stream " picture is where we enjoyed a garden party next day ,our last day before catching the Ferry home, what a trip !! thank you for coming along