Monday, 17 January 2011

Ardingly in the mud

Lizzie and I packed up Monday and headed for Sussex to do Ardingly. It is a lovely drive through Midhurst ,Petworth and beyond and we are becoming more familiar with some of the quirky junctions.
We were on site after a night of driving rain and were prevented from driving into the mud in the dark opposite our shopping arcade 58 by the timely intervention of our French neighbours who were already stuck !!
We lined our marquee with tarps and rugs which makes it very cosy but the amount of mud and rain water still creeps in and mud gets splashed so everything is having a spruce in time for Shepton this weekend. We had a good fair despite the weather and look forward to the next one March 1st and 2nd

Cornish Break

It has become a regular trip now to go to Cornwall, three girls and three dogs in a cottage by the sea to celebrate Yvonne's Birthday.
It entails a lot of walking up hills and windy beaches with surf crashing which the dogs adore as do we.
It has been a real wet miserable week from Ardingly onwards but Friday the sun showed itself and we went off to Leryn to walk the estuary and stop off for lunch with Jonnie at the pub, we rented his boathouse three years ago.
Highlights of the week were watching dolphins in the bay !! chili garlic butter with huge prawns the odd glass of Guiness and some good live music.