Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Small and beautiful

I love the way things can just turn up in the most surprising places . This is all hand painted and the actual picture I think is on velum . I think it is rather beautiful and a little exotic not signed though.
The horsemen are only about an inch high so that gives you an idea of the scale .
Anyone out there know anything about this sort of art ? Middle Eastern I would imagine

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The joy of living near the sea

I never get tired of being near the sea ,I was born five miles from the North East coast and am now about the same distance from the South coast.
Today we were having coffee with friends overlooking the harbour , we went to see the results of the stone carving classes in a quarry on Portland. We think he did rather well with this relief in Portland stone.
It was a perfect excuse for a trip to one of my favorite places and the surf was pounding in! I love that sound. There was a stiff breeze so we got a good spray of salt with the fresh sea air. I managed to collect a few more bits of driftwood for another Christmas tree but I think the cove is popular for beachcombers and one of the few local places you can find any