Saturday, 4 April 2009

Knitted Harebells

Thank you girls I have just about got the hang of it! you really have to concentrate ! I suddenly found I was on three needles also I found if I did not pay attention it got twisted but after a few rows I got into it and it was easier, this camera distorts colour this is a really pretty blue wool !

Friday, 3 April 2009

Knit one purl one and Darn it !!

I am having a haberdashery rush  again ! Thank you Candace for the " Perfect Pinker " instructions , really appreciated. I have been trolling the charity shops and searching in my sewing boxes for more gadgets. I love these little bits of household history and the artwork that goes with the packaging. 

These are just some of the many aids for darning! the green Bakelite topped one on the left actually takes a battery and has an internal light to show up your work !!!!! the other Bakelite piece about the same age I would think calls itself a darning egg and comes in half so you could put your needles inside .
The mushrooms come in many forms but the other shape looks like a maraca, people can't resist giving it a shake

Knitting bags are fun ,I have sold lots as summer bags, how many different handles must there be??

I am thrilled with this pink 1950's plastic these summer colours.It is registered and made in England, how nice is that ! It has a ruler top and bottom and a gage for needle size..all in " old money "though.
These are just a selection of fun things you will find on my stall at The Bridport Rag Market April 18th , Honiton Tuesday May 5th and Poundbury Dorchester May 20th. Along with my quilts French linens and fabrics and much more