Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ships a sailing

some years ago I found this embroidered picture and it reminded me of my seaside up bringing although I suspect it is South Coast looking at the cliffs.
It hung in the downstairs loo at Muckleford . The frame was pretty poor and badly done
I decided to give it a place in the main bathroom here in Dorchester as part of my marine theme and treated it to a new frame. I love it, so imagine my surprise and delight when going through my latest haberdashery buy when I fount it on the front cover of this vintage magazine.

lots of Knitting & sewing patterns and a good stash of Needlecraft magazines to pour over

Monday, 22 March 2010

Sociable Shepton

I was lucky to spot this lovely Victorian quilt top just after it had been put out, lots of lovely old fabrics and my favorite is the one below. A liberal sprinkling of Turkey Red lifts the whole thing.
It needs a little attention as some well meaning soul has added a 70's edging to it . However I can enjoy the fabrics as I work

We always see lots of friends at Shepton Mallet over the three days and it is really good to catch up.
We took a big display of all our French linen,red and white always looks fresh and it was nice to see it all out. I can actually get in my studio and walk about, great opportunity to sort a few things while it is all still in Freida and Lizzies car for Ilminster on Wednesday.