Saturday, 28 May 2011

Yes !! France again!!

Set up and ready to go ! they gave us so much space @ 3 euro a table !
Lizzie and myself were on the dawn Ferry to Cherbourg the morning after the Glastonbury Fair ! Never mind, after breakfast we slept through the crossing.
We drove down to St Mere Eglise where Mark met us and showed us the way to the " Petite Chateau " where Shirley was preparing lunch.
She had set up a lovely awning in the garden with a beautiful table for seven.. flowers and all , it looked so romantic with views over the marshes.

Digger was waiting to entertain us,this dog has embraced the French life as you can see !!

The sun was shining and it was just a slice of heaven in the peaceful countryside. Three other friends joined us and we were treated to a memorable meal, felt like we had been transported to another world , hard to believe we were working the day before.
After this lovely few hours we reluctantly dragged ourselves away to drive down to St. Lo where we were doing The Puce de Couturier's or " Dressmakers drawers " Rag market to you and me ! with a local needlework group.
We were allowed to set up that evening and as our host family lived just round the corner it made life very easy Sunday morning when we had breakfast and strolled to our stall.
They were all so friendly and so hospitable , The food was lovely , all home prepared and they came round with Kir at lunchtime.
We had a great day, were pleased with our takings and delighted with the pile of lovely linen , chanvre,trimmings and even some vintage and antique clothing items we managed to buy.
And yes we have been invited back.
They are a very sociable group and had a little get together at the end with drinks and cakes.
We stayed long enough to be friendly but had another two hours or so driving to do to get to our "second home" with Ticky and Nick where we were going to relax for a couple of days in the peace of the countryside and enjoy being spoiled rotten as always. Thank you darlings xxx

On our way to catch the Ferry Wednesday we took a detour for coffee and almond croissants in the delightful capital of Swiss Normandy Clecy { it's tiny ! }King of all he surveys

Postcards from Bergerac

We loved Bergerac and happlily took up Lesley's offer of two nights out in the Vineyards in their lovely Gite

Friday, 27 May 2011

Further travel tales of Franglais on tour !

Are you still with us ??!! or have you got lost along the way!
We left Caroline in her paradise and started to head North, it seemed a long time since we had started out as we had done and seen so much.
Before we joined the motorway we did a small detour to a Brocante in a neighbouring village, Montreal in a lovely old building and just full of goodies , but best of all a whole corner shelved out and given over to Linen and Textiles.The young couple who run it were so friendly and helpfull and we bought a huge pile before heading off to our next destination.
By some miracle we managed to get on the right road to take us round Toulouse , and on through some more lovely countryside through the Agen famous for it's prunes onwards on the N21 through the Lot Valley and into the Dordogne , I was quite unprepared for it to be so beautiful and when we got into the wine country so pretty and quite different again.
Friends Leslie and Tony live just on the outskirts of Bergerac, which is a fabulous and historic town definitely a favourite and one to re visit.
Our friends have lovely gardens and space with lots of out-buildings one which houses Leslies's workshop and one for Tony for his carpentry , and still more to develope .
The duck " Ducky " they had from an egg if you know what I mean !
not remembering they had chickens we had taken a dozen new laid eggs from Caroline's flock so Leslie whipped up an amazing Spanish omlett and a salad from the vegetable patch yummy

Rustic French Sheets = Great curtains

Lovely heavy linen or hemp sheets with red monograms make wonderful value curtains, no work really , just ties or rings sewn to the top , even better flop the top over to show the red monogram which gives a pelmet effect.
At 120 inches of drop you can have them "pool " on the floor. They are a creamy white and give a lovely light. these are 64 inches wide each sheet , hand joined and hand embroidered letters
£80 a pair

Talent for Textiles at " Avalon "

A stunning new venue and extended group of dealers transformed the magnificant barn at the Rural Life Museum at Glastonbury last Friday May 20th.
Buff had excelled herself in arranging the lighting in strings all round the interior giving a really amazing atmosphere. The standard of stock on sale was superb both in variety and quality.
Thanks again to Elizabeth Baer

Franglais at AvalonLoads of gorgeous French Linen and lots of buttons lace and trims

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Westward Ho

After our lovely stay in Isle sur la Sorgue we headed west on Easter Sunday all the way to Carcassonne and we did see the Med. as we sailed along through beautiful countryside.
We were headed forthe home of Caroline Gorst a friend of Lizzie who lives in over a hundred acres of private woodland and pasture near Mirepoix.
Caroline has a lovely home and a fine selection of animals and birds who share it with her. You can let the house and for further details
It is a haven of peace and beauty , we arrived early afternoon and were pleased just to relax and stop after being on the road for a week.
We were made so welcome and Easter Monday Mirepoix has a big market and fete which we went off to visit. I fell in love with the town and all the surrounding area,being able to see the Pyrenees in the background was an added thrill and most dramatic when later in the day we could hear and see the storm rolling over the peaks.
The afternoon was spent gardening in the sun , the herbaceous border was our contribution ! the evening rain meant easy planting for Caroline after our efforts.
We had a lovely stay and keen to take up Caroline's invitation to go again. We managed to buy in two Brocantes in Mirepoix and on the way back to the motorway stopped off at a Brocante which was an absolute treasure trove and run by a delightful young couple.