Monday, 21 September 2009

My Sam

This is my daughter Samantha,my eldest. Sam is down for a couple of girlie days with mum and we have already hit the shops, our local charity shops have just put out their winter stuff and we came home with some trophies, mostly black or near black of course
I let the side down by buying a flash pink suitcase on wheels which was a bargain and I like the colour. I need a suitcase on wheels for my French excursion this coming weekend and also for October. My other "equipage" is a vintage job and been much admired at the French Braderies It carries masses , It has done Stirling service so hope we manage to fill it up , we will show you our treasures next week

Wonderful Welsh Wool Blankets latest buys

These Welsh blankets are as nice a selection as you could wish for ! I bought them from some dear friends of mine on Sunday
They are priced at from £45.00

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bath and West weekend

We were so lucky as you see.. we had two days sunshine for our weekend at Shepton Mallet.
Friday was a bit cold and grey but we managed and had our gazebo attached to Freida so it was all still there next day which dawned bright and sunny.
It was a most sociable weekend as we saw people we do not see very often as it is a while since we did this show.
At the end of the day it all added up to a really good weekend so although we were very tired when we got back to offload at the store ,it was all worth the four days hard work and we managed to buy a few things too.

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