Sunday, 6 February 2011

If there's a boat going....!

Lizzie and I are off this Thursday dawn at Portsmouth , first trip of the season, I have to confess I am excited ! I have always had the gipsy wanderlust and need the thought of trip to keep me going on some of these really busy times and runs of early mornings.
We are going for four nights to our friends down near Mayenne and are actually doing a French version of our Rag markets on the Sunday, very casual and friendly, but we bought well last time and thought it would be fun to do with our English stuff. Mostly quilters and dressmakers make up the stall holders but Claude who used to do La Mans with us stalls out there so we shall see.
3€ a table is the fee!
we will take some pictures for you.
We will have Friday and Saturday to do our regular calls in a radius of about 50 miles ,who knows what we might find ! it is the thrill of the chase.It is all so familiar now which I love but always the chance of something new, I added another Brocante to my map last time and bought a pile of amazing 50's dress patterns.
Just can't wait to be back in France and so looking forward to seeing Nick and Ticky again , it was November last time I was there so seems ages.
I have been making purchases for the stables they are working on for their horses . my shopping list is always amusing, amazing the things you miss from the Old country. We always have a good old fashioned English breakfast at the weekend , more like brunch after an early market rummage.