Wednesday, 24 June 2009

June's Birthday

I have so wanted the excuse to use my collection of glass cake stands! Today was my friend June's birthday so five of us gathered in my garden for coffee and cakes. perfect weather how lucky was that. June's favourite my scones with home made jam and clotted cream , well they have all gone so no picture of them , I made double orders of butterfly cakes to take home for sons and husbands and Penny brought her fab lemon shortcakes, 1 0clock we were still there needless to say no lunch needed !!
Nice to take time out with friends for simple pleasures
I do have cake stands for sale starting at £15.00

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Lovely madder generous strips re claimed

These are really generous strips of patchwork in excellent condition so I am asking £10.00 a batch for these.
This is a new take on my " Bundles " that have been so popular both for myself and lots of other dealers.
Bundles are still available through my web site.
I think these re claimed patchwork fabrics will appeal more as document pieces and for quilt repair although sound enough for new projects where a totally individual look is achieved

Victorian reds reclaimed patchwork

These shapes are more irregular but good sound cottons £8 a batch

Further Victorian purples

Reclaiming fabrics for quilt repair

I know when I am repairing patchwork quilts it can be really difficult to find the correct period fabric that blends well.
These are good sizes at 5 inches plus and sound if a lttle faded so won't shout when repairing a nice old quilt.
These purples are often the colour that has rotted.
I will be listing all colours and hopefully other periods these groups I am selling at £8.00 for four