Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Look what my friend found in her loft!

We love it when we have a new lot of treasures ! a friend of mine is downsizing and has been in her loft , these lovely linens will b e on offer at Ilminster on Sat. at the Old Meeting House, you will find me under a gazebo outside lol what fun ! it is a favourite Talent for Textiles Fair and not one to miss . All the girls will be there and the food is fabulous , it's a great day out.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Can I really call this work ??!!

Being a member of the Upwey Spinners and Weavers is a delight , We were lucky to have perfect weather on our first meet after the Summer break and were able to do our surroundings justice!!
I did manage in spite of having a really sociable day to hand stitch five strips of my current Fair Isle throw.

Portland worth a visit

Something I have wanted to do for years was look at the East coast of Portland and I had been given some tips and a map from friends when I was talking about somewhere different to take my sister Margot and Brother in law Colin while they were staying a few days with us.
They don't live near the sea so that is always a priority. We parked the car in the car park overlooking Portland harbour near Portland Heights Hotel and set off on the coastal walk.
It was a lovely day nice and fresh , we found it fascinating as there is lots to see and all sorts of history very much in evidence.
Some time later Margot announced it was long past lunch, luckily we were well placed to take the next footpath Inland to Easton where I knew Whitestones gallery and cafe would be perfect.
We were not disappointed the food was delicious and the setting lovely " well worth a visit ".
We had a bonus as the paddlesteamer Waverley past us on our walk.
I fell in love with this pair of stone doves and am on a promise of a piece of Portland stone for them to sit on ! they will grace my newly tidied walled garden , do come and visit.