Friday, 30 January 2009

canvaswork and embroidery collage on frame

This is the second of the pair of cushion fronts that I was given at Bisley Rag Market having picked them off the floor, at least I spotted the first one and the stall holder presented me with it,s friend!
they are completely different this one seems to be a collage of mostly one lot of needlework ,part of an old garment I think and that attractive piece of embroidery up the side.
David made a heavy wood frame which we painted black so they stand about 2 inches off the wall which is rather effective. I think this piece looks like an aerial view of some ancient earthworks or hill fort the colours are a little deeper than this picture.
I have promised this to my god daughter Vicky who has just re decorated her whole townhouse
secretly I hope she might say it won't go , but having seen her reaction when I sent her a picture I think it has found a home and I can visit it.
It has made me think and re appraise what can be done with distressed pieces, they do make good wall pictures.

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