Monday, 16 February 2009

Trifles and Trivia

As Bath Assembly Rooms Vintage Fashion and Textile Fair approaches I seem to get more and more in a muddle! I am busy putting "notions" and "fripperies " in little celophane envelopes, I think trifles and trivia about sums it up ! however I love the graphics on the old haberdashery cards and am sure one of you clever textile artists will come up with something super-clever to incorporate them into. So my small livingroom seems to be littered with bits. In the drawers in my studion on my haberdashery rummage I found sheets of old scraps and handmade papers, the trouble is one gets sidetracked.....will the car ever be loaded ????
I think they are lovely these are just a few of them

I have also purchased the most delicious selection of French gold threads starting at £5.00 a reel

None of this is going to make my fortune so I had better keep digging!
See you there February Sunday 22nd 9am - 4 pm. And thank you Ashley Hall Fairs for allowing us to set up the afternoon before xx we can arrive and enjoy a coffee and croissant stress free.

I have become quite into my redwork and even boned up on the history a bit more. While I was nursing my streaming cold and sore throat I sat in front of the fire and embroidered...very very restful I have got quite lost in it , still a bit naive but then all good fun

I have now gone back to my beloved mad chickens, will have to branch out a bit more on my subjects but as these are my own drawings it has to be something I can draw.

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