Tuesday, 24 February 2009

We are sailing..........

This will be Lizzie and me on Friday evening!!
We are off on a jaunt to France ,and I must say all the map planning has taxed my little brain as I am having trouble with my main PC and it has all my usual "stuff " on it and I can move things about and print maps etc. but from my laptop it is totally different and I have to get them to talk to each other ...phoooof
However on the plus side I have really got into Google Earth so can eventually download the route and maps and print them off with help from my technical support...when I can find him!
I was totally blown away when I found I could stand in the middle of the road outside my niece's house in New Zealand and turn 360 degrees on the spot and walk up the street.
Anyway we are off on a new route which is why I am being so particular. We were to meet a friend but she has gone on an impromptu holiday to Spain.
She has left some goodies for me to collect, but right in the middle Fougeres which I have been to with her but not driven the route myself and we are sailing to St Malo ....so it is going to be a challenge and a magical mystery tour with a couple of Emmaus to visit too.
The French lunch hour does not leave you much time to get lost! there is a lot of things we want to pack into our day.
The ship and another fantastic buffet and even the same cabin! awaits us at 6.30 pm for the return trip overnight,all part of Brittany Ferries amazing deals.
We are sooo looking forward to it and will let you know all about it when we get back

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