Friday, 6 March 2009

Home and Away

Well it has been a busy week. Those of you that follow the blogs connected to me will note that Lizzie and me had a really good trip to France last weekend, the weather was amazing and it was the quietest crossing we have ever had.
 Lizzie writes a great blog and I enjoyed re-living it all again.
I thought we did really well as the street names are not always visible and Google does not allow for one way streets and market days !! I do love maps and had spent quite a long time pouring over the route so when we came back through town for the second time and arrived at a square that was familiar we were soon on track.
The French lunch hour ( or three) almost scuppered our plans when we arrived at the shop to collect our bags from Ticky to find monsieur had gone for lunch and was expected back at 3pm! what did we do before mobile phones??? a call to Tick who was in Derby in transit , she in turn phoned Jean Paul who promised to return early so we retired to the Creperie next door for a wonderful can't go to Brittany and not have a crepe, we decided to forgo the traditional cup of cider needing our wits about us for the next part of the day . 
We have acquired some really interesting bits and some lovely linen. I have one more sheet to iron.
Since being home I had a call to go and see some linen owned by a German lady, it was woven by her mother 60 years ago.It was table linen and curtains with crochet lace inserts and edging,beautiful must have taken hours and hours, I love the colour, slightly stone coloured.It has a slightly Arts and Crafts feel to it.


  1. Hope some of your linens etc will be at Ilminster. Looking forward to seeing you then.

  2. Thanks Sue ,yes one more to iron