Thursday, 14 May 2009

Naming no names but....

We worked really hard on promoting our Rag Market in Bridport , spend endless time and quite a bit of money on the advertising and the result was a good day. 
We were asked by lots of people when we would do the next one, however we did not expect one of our stall holders {not a regular I hasten to say !} would jump in ahead and book a fabric sale in the same venue off the back of all our efforts for June I believe.
I know it is a free country but I think that is mean, and after I had made an effort to fit them in, well they won't get asked again


  1. How inconsiderate, and certainly 'not cricket'! You and Caroline must be fuming.

    See you on Wednesday. Remind me to give you an envelope that came in the post to you at Dairy House this morning!!!! How long is it since you were in residence??

    Sue x

  2. How lovely oh well nice to be remembered

  3. Very bad manners Linda! Some people don't appreciate the hard work that goes into these events and are happy to cash in on someone elses success!!!

    See you on Wednesday :-)

  4. Thanks Donna we are really pleased to have you and your lovely fabrics xx