Monday, 31 August 2009

Cornwall and Cowslip

Lizzie and I had such a wonderful time at Cowslip, we are made so welcome and are always under the spell of the amazing atmosphere as soon as we get there.
This is the view from my bedroom across the valley. I had spotted some very distinctive trees on the skyline with little white dots on the green hillside , sheep of course but I am thinking in terms of French knots! I need much better camera equipment to capture what I wanted or different light perhaps ,but it is in my head so that will so.
I am working up to starting a sketchbook just have"nt got all the bits together from different notebooks.
I am always inspired when I go to Cowslip Workshops they are lovely and so full of enthusiasm I have to come away with a new project ...or two !
Lizzie and I met these little darlings on the back road to Cowslip, I have a much better feel for the geography of the place now especially after our little diversion to the North Coast.
We met some lovely people and they all seemed to enjoy our goodies, we have some regulars now and it is lovely to see what they are doing with what they buy.
Christmas event is our next visit November 20th - 22nd

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