Friday, 21 August 2009

La Boe in progress

After a couple of calls and due to me missing an exit we missed a horrendous pile up which was just behind us when we rejoined the motor-way!!
we set off across country to see my friend Ticky and see how much the house has come on since our last visit last summer same time. A loo!!! that flushes a bath and velox windows , in fact new windows throughout.
This is going to be a wonderful spacious four bedroom house with two living rooms an attached barn you could knock though into and out buildings ....interested ? watch this space

we had a tour , delivered the ex pat goodies and did some business in the back of the Volvo , Tick has been buying for us , what a little star
We followed her and family staying across country to a lovely eating place where we spent the French lunch hours before setting off to go north.
We got a little distracted and very lucky not far along the way and then had a long haul up the Cherbourg peninsular with another good stop at the end of the day arriving at Hotel Ibis 7pm ish ready to flop after a few hundred miles in the day.
A shower and a good dinner finished the day well .
We had a good spacious room slept well and after superb breakfast had an hour at the Supermarket before heading for the port.
Good old Freidatoo did not miss a beat , she was a bit down at the back with goodies and my living room is full , yes a good trip

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